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Matlab Download Mcgill’s test suite and test scenarios, and for some of the new code in the M.A.C.E test suite, see Getting Started with M.A.C.E Testing. Why Test Data? M.A.C.E provides a number of tools and options to drive your testing, development and user experiences. It has a simple, clean, fast and easy set of test data requirements. Test data can be exported, merged and rewritten using the data and code, or tested in various formats. For example, you can create custom M.A.C.E test data formats in one or more test packages of your choice. When you test a C# source code (that is, a Visual Studio project), the package will automatically submit your tests to M.A.C.E To begin production with a set of TestData templates, select M.A.C.E Test Data Settings. M.A.C.E Test Data Configuration The following steps walk through specific areas of TestData which will help you manage your and M.A.C.E’s testing. Creating an M.A.C.E account. Create a TestData account using a group with the following format: Group Name Product Name The default M.A.C.E Account is created by selecting Create Test Data in the TestData group field, and set the user ID as the root user